Frequently Asked Questions

-No, we do not charge booking fees! While major vacation rental sites charge travelers an additional 4-15% service fee on top of all other fees, we do not charge a service fee. That's hundreds of dollars saved in your pocket to enjoy your trip to Martha's Vineyard! ( read more ... )

x Day(s): response from owner - is time property owners guarantee their response to rental inquiries/bookings by email or phone.

Our main goal is to facilitate the most convenient way for vacationers to book their vacation rentals through our platform while saving money. Last minute reservations RSS feed offers our visitors and members a variety of properties available for rent that left unbooked, cancelled and offer amazing price drops. Click on RSS feed, subscribe to our newsletters and social platforms and you will become an insider to the best vacation rental properties market on the Vineyard.

Some of our members prefer to list with PRO Listing package which allows them to push their listings for better search position and highlight their property listing with green color in search results. Some listings might have "Verified by" photographs. This means that one of our professional photographers personally visited the property and took a number of photographs used for this listing. Images are tagged with our web address, time stamp and have encrypted code that is not visible to viewers. These photographs are intended only to indicate a visual representation of the rental property at the time the images were taken. Please keep in mind that home owners often make changes to their properties, some photographs may get outdated with time. Verified photographs are not an endorsement by us of any member or any accommodation. Please read our Terms and Conditions

We check owner/manager's contact information and property ownership at the time of verification. We meet in person or schedule a brief interview on the phone (landline) or video call (cell phone) to make sure the person is real.

The benefits of renting directly from home owners are big. There are also some potential risks. Using a common sense, healthy judgment and caution will help you minimizing exposure to those risks. In general: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Reputation / Authenticity - read listing reviews or ask the owner for referrals from previous renters.
  • Avoid "too good to be true" rates that are significantly lower than similar property listings.
  • Communication / Transparency - get to know your host before making your booking, give a call, visit his/her FB or other social profile, ask questions about the property and see if you feel comfortable with answers you get.
  • Never pay by cash or through money transfer services like Western Union or Money Gram!

If you find that your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.